Rebuilding after cOVID-19 through an entrepreneurship renaissance

We aim at promoting the formation and growth of businesses that exploit unique Ghanaian innovation and advantages to create wealth and jobs.

Transforming Ideas into Enterprising Realities - Rebuilding After COVID-19

Otumfuo Osei Tutu II Foundation (OOTIIF) seeks to rally its partners in business, academia, and the wider society to drive a unique rejuvenation of Ghanaian entrepreneurship. We aim to help harness the full commercial potential of homegrown innovations and products. We believe that beyond assistance from government and charity from private organisations, a reenergized business sector is the most important need if Ghana will rebound from the economic effects of COVID-19. A revitalized business sector will also strengthen our society, leaving us better prepared to deal more effectively with future crises.

A Space to make your
greatest impact.

We will provide you with the necessary resources, marketing opportunities, mentorship and advisory support to get you started and keep you going.

Expected Impact

Our goal over the next five years of operation

Businesses Funded
Ventures Engaged
Grant Opportunities

Join us! We are Different!

We are interested in both teams and individual entrepreneurs. We encourage young people from seemingly disparate backgrounds to connect with each other to apply as teams. Many undocumented innovations exist in our informal industries. Fully harnessing these innovations will involve collaborations between persons in informal industries and others in formalized ones. 

Can we invent a more efficient Kente weaving equipment to boost productivity, increase production, and turn what still amounts to a cottage industry into a major part of the 961-billion-dollar global textile industry? These are the possibilities that animate us.

Harnessing Team Abilities
Innovating Informal Industries

A lot of undocumented innovation exists in our informal industries and fully harnessing them will involve collaborations between persons.


All the businesses that participate in the Challenge will receive some resources, guidance, or knowledge to grow

There is nothing to lose, really!

All participants, irrespective of the stage at which they get “eliminated” will continue to be members of OEC’s community of businesses. These businesses will continue to benefit from our advisory and networking resources.

Lifelong Membership
resources and Guidance